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A mix of gritty folk and old-school blues that’s honest and groovy
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Too Sense

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Fantastic! Not at all what I was expecting. Can’t wait to hear them again.

Too Sense hails from beautiful British Columbia, Canada where they have been writing and performing various genres of music for the better part of two decades. The duo combines folk, blues and rock into a harmonious rhythmic sound that's reminiscent of of bygone eras, yet encompasses contemporary sounds that transcends generations.

Jason Wysynski/ Guitar

Jason has been playing since he first learned how to operate his parent’s turntable. Since then, he’s performed in punk, hip-hop, metal, hard-rock, acoustic and pop-rock groups. Jason has DJ'ed Freezer Burn, Hemp Fest, Marty Parts and Burning Man music festivals, as well as produced and collaborated with artists Celpto and Solitary Spade.

Spencer Holmes/ Mandolin & Lead Vocals 

Spencer Holmes fronts Too Sense after years of creating music recreationally. Citing Kurt Cobain, Elvis, and Garth Brooks as some of his influencers, Spencer’s soulful vocals and tasty  mandolin riffs provide the heart of Too Sense’s sound. Spencer is the founding member of the band now known as Sundown Spell.

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Jason Wysysnski


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